Animal housing and shed construction Building materials and components

  • Prefabricated construction

Husbandry and feeding technology

  • Housing systems
  • Animal housing installations
  • Pasture management technology
  • Feeding technology
  • Feedstuff mixing & distributing carts
  • Bale opening devices
  • Fish farming systems
  • Aeration for ponds
  • Fish breeding installations

Animal Breeding and reproduction technology

  • Breeding animals/breeding programs
  • Reproduction technology, instruments, supplies and marketing
  • Incubation of fish eggs

Animal Care and Animal Health products

  • Animal care equipment
  • Animal care agents
  • Veterinary medicine products
  • Udder care

Feed production and storage

  • Feed stuff preparation
  • Feedstuff conveyors and accessories
  • Milling, mixing and metering systems
  • Feed silos, feed containers, feed storage

Feed and farm inputs

  • Compound feed and other commercial feed stuffs
  • Feed and silage additives
  • Seed
  • Cleaning and disinfecting products
  • Water treatment additives
  • Bedding, litter materials
  • Insecticides, pesticides
  • Manure additives
  • Other farm inputs

Environment Technology

  • Heating, aeration and controlled environment technology
  • Heat recycling
  • Emission reduction
  • Water treatment
  • Water treatment for fish breeding
  • Storage and elimination of solid wastes and carcasses

Milking and Cooling Technology

  • Milking installations and milking parlor
  • Automatic milking methods
  • Milk filters
  • Milk containers and cooling installations
  • Cleaning and disinfecting systems for milking installations

Processing and packaging equipment’s and technology

  • Equipment and installations for slaughtering, filleting & processing fish
  • Packaging machines
  • Packaging materials
  • Automation
  • Refrigeration installations, refrigerated transport
  • Meat processing technology
  • Milk processing machinery

Equipment and accessories

  • Animal identification
  • Scales, livestock scales, weighbridges
  • Measuring and testing equipment
  • Waterers
  • Hygiene, disinfection and cleaning equipment
  • Transport equipment
  • Machines and equipment for farm cleaning and land care
  • Working clothes, safety at work, accident prevention