Exhibiting Tips

Tip 1: Exhibiting is the only medium which allows you to interact with potential customers, use all the five senses.

Tip 2:  Identify and prioritize the top three reasons why you’re exhibiting.

You may be exhibiting to:

  • Gather qualified sales leads
  • Promote new products
  • Enhance your corporate brand
  • Educate your audience
  • Cement existing client relationships

Focus on these reasons when making your strategic and spending decisions.

Tip 3: Market your presence at the event

  • Sponsorship packages
  • Add interactive elements

Tip 4: Take notes when talking to your guests: Listen to your prospect and sell benefits.

Always think of visitors to your booth as guests. Taking notes shows you are genuinely interested.

Tip 5: Provide promised follow-up within 48 hours of show close (if not sooner).

Industry statistics say that no follow-up is done on 80% of show leads! Prepare your post-show follow-up process before you leave for the show. Stand out by contacting your prospects by the agreed-to method – and no later than a week after show close.

Remember why you are there; stay focused on your objectives.”

  Special Tip: Sign-Up for B2B Matchmaking Service, and insure you meet the right partners.

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