• The fastest growing economy in Africa and 4th in the world (IMF 2018)
  • 3% GDP growth per year from 2005/06 to 2015/16 (World Bank)
  • Forecast of real GDP growth 8.5% in 2018 (IMF)
  • Ethiopia is the largest economy in East and Central Africa
  • Ethiopia aims to achieve middle income status by 2025

Opportunities in the Livestock Sector

  • Ethiopia has the largest Livestock resources in Africa and 10th in the world:
  • There are opportunities to manufacture livestock products for both local and export markets.
  • Milk production is expected to increases from 167 million liters in 2014/15 to 1490 million liters by 2020, an increase of 793%. (MoA)
  • Targets for Red meat production to reach 1,933,000 tons and chicken meat production to 164,000 in the year 2020

Ethiopia’s Main Livestock Products

  • Beef and Veal
  • Sheep Meat
  • Poultry meet
  • Cow Milk


  • 102.6 million (world Bank 2016)
  • 2nd Largest population in Africa
  • 12th largest population in the world
  • Most populous landlocked country in the world


Trade agreements  

  • Ethiopia is member of Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)
  • Ethiopia is one of the 44 countries in Africa that signed continental Free Trade Area (CFTA)
  • Ethiopia has signed Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs):with 30 countries and Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties (DTTs): with12 countries
  • Ethiopia is using the opportunity of Generalized System Preferences (GSP), AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act) and everything but Arms (EBA)

Diplomatic Relations

  • Ethiopia is the 3rd diplomatic a seat for African Union, United Nations Economic Commissions for Africa (UNECA) with its 20 agencies and the Pana African Chamber of Commerce and Industries (PACCI)
  • Ethiopia hosts more than 112 diplomatic mission in Addis Ababa

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